Past Gigs

On this page you can view a listing of some of the great Australian and International artist who have performed for Wollongong Jazz over the past ten years.

The Bad Plus (USA)

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque (Canada/Cuba)

James Muller and the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

Mike Nock Trio

Barney McAll

Finn-Land feat. Emma Pask and Darren Percival

20th Century Dog

Dave Goodman Quartet

Craig Scott Quintet

The International Quintet feat. Bob Montgomery (USA)

Kinetic Jazz Orchestra

The Swing Merchants 

Alex Stuart Sextet 

James Morrison and the Generations In Jazz Academy Big Band plus an opening set by The Megaband

Lisa Parrott Quartet 

 Cameron Undy Quartet 

Cope Street Parade

The Ben Panucci Trio 


James Muller Trio 

Steve Hunter Trio 


Libor Smoldas Trio (Czech Republic) 

Grey Wing Trio 

ACRONYM Orchestra


Vince Jones

Mike Nock Trio PLUS

Gerard Masters - Random Acts of Jazz

Abel Cross' Neo Bop

The Swinging Blades

Ernie Watts

Jodie Michael Trio

Marc Hannaford

Nick Garbett - Garfish

Phil Slater - Song Book

Adam Page

Paul Grabowski

-Allan Browne Quintet (Melbourne)
-Matt Keegan Trio with special guest Dave Ades
-Kim Lawson Trio 

-Showa 44 + screening of Intangible Asset #82

-Jeremy Rose Quartet 
-Andrew Brooks "Motion"
-David Theak Quartet with James Muller, Steve Barry, Tim Firth
-Paul Williamson's "Inside Out" with James McLean, Marc Hannaford and Sam Zerna
-Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band
-Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra featuring Kristin Berardi
-Dan Tepfer Trio (New York) with Johnathan Blake and Joe Sanders
Dave Panichi Septet 

Christina Fuchs "No Tango" Quartet (GER)

Sirens Big Band

Marialy Pacheco Trio 

Andrew Gander Quartet

Jonathan Zwartz "Shimmer" Band + Special Guest James Greening

Mucho Mambo

Sandy Evans Trio + Special Guest Bobby Singh

Chris Potter (USA) + Mothership Orchestra 

Darren Sigesmund Strands Project (CA)

Andrew Dickeson Quintet

The Vampires

-James Muller Quartet with Matt Keegan, Brett Hirst, and Tim Firth

-Kristin Berardi and James Sherlock

-Antripodean Collective (Marc Hannaford, Scott Tinkler, Ken Edie, John Rogers)


-Zac Hurren

-The Vampires

-George Garzone (USA) with Mike Nock Trio

-Mucho Mambo

-Ben Winkelman Trio

-Jamie Oehlers New Quartet

-Mace Francis Orchestra

-Ben Panucci Trio

-Athol Holdernesse / Claire Hollander Quartet

-Phil Slater Quartet

-Sandy Evans Trio


-Justin Fermino Quintet

-Shannon Barnett Quartet

-Liaison Tonique (Germany) 
-Mark Levine (USA)
-Wadada Leo Smith (USA) 
-Matt Keegan Trio
-Mike Nock Trio 
-Marc Hannaford Trio 
-Antripodean Collective 
-The World According To James 
-Andrea Keller Quartet 
-The Vampires
-Trio Apoplectic 
-Gerard Masters Trio 
-Andrew Robson Trio
-Zoe and the Buttercups 
-The Alcohotlicks 
-Willow Nielson Quartet
-Assumptions Trio
-Tim O'Dwyer Trio
-Darren Hienrich's Organ Trio

-Fred Wesley (USA) with The Mega Band